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Maglificio Pini: creativity and artisan care for more than thirty years
Since 1977 Maglificio Pini expertise and professionalism are a reference point for the most prestigious brand names in international fashion. The long-term experience, along with highly qualified staff, creativity and great technical skills, lead Maglificio Pini to build stable collaborative partnerships, that permit to work together to reach and touch the stylists’ ideas.
The art of knitwear
Maglificio Pini turns knitwear into a out-and-out art, made with passion, care and artisan care. An important part of the production consists of cashmere, especially with fineness 18. Not only Maglificio Pini can produce garments of wool, cotton, silk, linen and viscose, but also can work with bio and ecological yarns, with environmental awareness.
Technology and innovation
At Maglificio Pini technology is forefront: machines are renewed every year not only to provide the production of top quality items but also to provide the most modern and advanced manufacturing. A constant technology investment testifies Maglificio Pini pay great attention to new fashion trends.